Deloitte adds privacy tech to its enterprise blockchain solution ‘EduScrypt’

“Big Four” professional services giant Deloitte has added privacy-enhancing technology to its enterprise blockchain solution “EduScrypt," which helps organizations track, share and validate qualifications of staff. 

Deloitte has partnered with Israeli tech startup QEDIT for the effort, according to a press release shared with The Block on Tuesday. QEDIT leverages zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography to help enterprises control business data in a shared-ledger environment.

The integration of QEDIT’s privacy solution to EduScrypt will allow parties employing the enterprise blockchain solution to authenticate data without revealing any underlying, confidential information, per the announcement. 

“Network members can verify the integrity of the proofs, but they cannot see who sent what, or how much, to whom,” said QEDIT. 

Antonio Senatore, CTO of Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab, said: “For most organizations, validating, managing and recording the education qualifications of staff and prospective hires can be a very onerous and costly process, with regulatory fines for non-compliance. Integrating QEDIT’s Zero-Knowledge Proof privacy solution ensures that organizations can trust in the authenticity of qualifications while preserving the full privacy of the underlying data, and upholding regulatory compliance.”