YouTube has restored deleted videos from crypto channels 

YouTube has restored videos of almost all crypto-related channels after removing them earlier this week. 

The Block checked over 35 channels and all of them have been reinstated, including Nugget's News, DataDash, Ivan on Tech, Sunny Decree and Boxmining.

“The removals were in error, we’ve reinstated all affected videos and removed any penalty to the channel,” a YouTube spokesperson told The Block, adding: “There has been no change in our policies with regards to cryptocurrency.” 

Alex Saunders, founder and CEO of Nugget's News, tweeted today: "We're back! Still no contact from Youtube but the 250 removed videos & strikes have been revoked.” 

The temporary purge encouraged several YouTubers to think about moving content to decentralized social media platforms. Omar Bham, for instance, tweeted earlier this week: “In case YouTube decides to delete my channel (or most of my videos), please follow me on LBRY.” 

Binance CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, said platforms like YouTube are “destroying a lot of value for people” and it is time to “look at alternatives.” 

“The demand to host decentralized videos will speed up progress of decentralized file systems,” CZ added