Ethereum’s scalability has potential to improve 2,000x due to Istanbul update, says StarkWare

StarkWare, a project that is working to help blockchains scale, has said that Ethereum has massive potential to scale due to its recent Istanbul network update.

According to StarkWare’s “measurements (not approximations, nor estimates),” Ethereum’s scalability has the potential to improve by 2,000 times over Ethereum Layer-1 after the Istanbul update.

Post-Istanbul Ethereum can handle 9,000 trades at 75 gas/trade as compared to 2,000 trades at 300 gas/trade, said StarkWare, adding that Istanbul has “certainly helped.”

Ethereum underwent the Istanbul update last month, in which six improvements were added to the network, including reducing the gas cost.

StarkWare is still developing its solution via a unique zero-knowledge proof technology called zk-STARKs, which will let Ethereum scale through a layer 2 solution. STARK technology helps improve two key problems of public blockchains - scalability and privacy.

StarkWare said it would launch its mainnet “soon,” which will then help projects, such as DeversiFi, to integrate its solution.