Total volume on non-custodial crypto exchanges hit 9-month low in December

December was a slow month for trading volume on non-custodial exchanges.

As noted in a recent report from The Block Genesis written by Larry Cermak, the total volume on non-custodial crypto and digital asset exchanges fell to a 9-month low in December.

This decline can be seen in the chart below:

Source: Bloxy, Dune Analytics, CryptoCompare, The Block

Yet, as Cermak noted: "However, while still relatively negligible, the share of volume traded on non-custodial exchanges increased in comparison to the amount traded on the centralized exchanges. ... The lack of liquidity, simplicity, as well as blockchain constraints, are among the reasons non-custodial exchanges haven’t caught on yet."

To take a deeper look at the data picture surrounding non-custodial crypto exchanges, read this The Block Genesis report