Tron wants to rescue Ethereum developers from "collapse" — but they're not interested in moving over to the platform

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, is trying to incentivize Ethereum and EOS developers to migrate their dApps onto the Tron protocol, according to DecryptMedia. On December 6, Sun announced that he is creating a new fund to "to rescue ETH and EOS developers from the collapse of their platform." According to Cong Li, head of Tron developer community division, the goal of the new fund is to invest in 100 new dApps on Tron. 

While Tron has been making it easier for Ethereum developers to migrate their code on its platform — it added support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine in October —  developers appear to be uninterested. Li told DecryptMedia that only 10 of the 50 dApps Tron has reached out to have migrated to its platform. Nearly half of these dApps said they were not considering the move to Tron in the near term.