Bitfinex introduces margin trading for Tether

Bitfinex announced Friday that it will open margin trading for USDT/USD pair "improving [their] stablecoin offering in line with market evolution and consumer demand." Bitfinex said that the addition of margin trading allows for more efficient price discovery but it will also allow traders "to hedge the exposure taken on stablecoins." Tether will also be available as collateral for margin positions.

In late November, Tether reopened direct redemption on Tether's website while Bitfinex added USDT/USD pair for the first time. In early December, Bitfinex added USDC, TrueUSD, Paxos, and Gemini dollar. The company said that there are plans in place to introduce margin trading for other major stablecoins "when sufficient liquidity is reached" as part of the commitment to providing a coin agnostic platform.