WSJ: Regulators have brought more than 90 cases over the past two years against crypto companies

The "crypto craze" of 2017 and crash of 2018 drew in both investors and regulators, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The publication's analysis found that the SEC and state regulators brought more than 90 crypto cases over the past two years. These regulators were able to recover $36M in investor funds that were lost to crypto-related fraud cases. According to The Wall Street Journal, "state regulators brought more than 70 crypto-enforcement actions since filing their first case about a year ago," however they were unable to recover any investor funds lost to scams.

Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal found that as the crypto market fell in 2018, the SEC increased the number of cases they filed. In November 2018, the commission filed five cases versus four in all of 2017. High-profile cases include BitConnect, a company accused of running a Ponzi scheme and AriseBank, a company accused of defrauding investors.