Blockchain insights platform TokenAnalyst is shutting down

Blockchain insights firm TokenAnalyst is closing its doors, with some of its team joining crypto exchange firm Coinbase.

Founded in 2018, TokenAnalyst offers on-chain insights and data analysis tools targeted at enterprises. It also features several application programming interfaces (API) for users to obtain transaction data directly from the blockchain and interact with them.

On Tuesday, the firm announced that it would stop supporting the TokenAnalyst's platform and APIs. 

"After an incredible journey that began over 2 years ago, we are sad to let our community know that we will no longer be supporting the TokenAnalyst platform and APIs," said the blog post. "Our mission was to bring transparency to the decentralized world, and we believe we made significant progress towards this mission."

Notably, some of TokenAnalyst's current employees are set to work for Coinbase.

"We remain committed and driven towards creating an open financial system for the world and we think that Coinbase is a fantastic place to do that," the firm said.