Little-known Lubian is now one of bitcoin's biggest mining pools, a little-known bitcoin mining pool, is now ranked the 6th largest pool on, controlling almost 6% of the network's computing power.

The mining pool started gathering attention this week when listed the website on its pool statistics webpage. As the webpage shows, Lubian's hashrate and ranking has been steadily rising since it first appeared on the site. It has so far mined over 150 blocks and the pool's 24 hours average hashrate reached over 6.5 EH/s by press time. 

A look at Lubian's mining address shows that the pool started mining in late April. From April 26 to May 9, the address was mining with the tag "Buffett," which is a string of letters and numbers that block producers can attach to a block's coinbase input data to identify themselves. It changed the tag to on May 10 at block 629755 and subsequently caught the attention of mining pool trackers like 

Lubian has no known owners and operators, and its website also reveals few details. It simply states in Chinese that Lubian, which means "roadside," is "the safest high yielding mining pool in the world."

A lookup of the website's IP address shows that the website URL is run on Alibaba's cloud service, based in Hong Kong.