Augur sets launch date for v2 of its decentralized prediction market

Augur, the Ethereum-based prediction market, has officially announced the launch date of Augur V2, the platform's first major upgrade.

In a blog post published Monday, the Augur team wrote that the mainnet launch of Augur V2 will take place on July 28th. Existing REP tokens, the native token of Augur, will be renamed "REPv1" and the new REP token on Augur V2 will be called "REPv2."

According to Augur, a migration tool will soon be provided for users to migrate their REPv1 tokens to the new AugurV2 platform along with a full tutorial on the migration process.

AugurV2 includes a handful of new features onto the prediction market platform, including the ability to use the Dai stablecoin for dominating markets.