Cryptocurrency coverage remains crowded despite 2018 market shake-up, CryptoGlobe finds

According to a report published by CryptoGlobe, the market crisis of 2018 did not cause the media to look away from the cryptocurrency space. The analysis, which utilized CryptoCompare's API to gather metadata on nearly 65,000 articles from 25 news sites, found that the coverage actually became more crowded over time. By moving away from strict technical analysis, the cryptocurrency news stories ceased being a mere “province of tech enthusiasts,” and went much more mainstream, CryptoGlobe writes.

Interestingly, despite the altcoin market’s sizeable expansion throughout the past couple of years, the topic has failed to take over bitcoin coverage in the media. By the end of the year, bitcoin remained the most popular token to cover, garnering nearly 42 per cent of crypto coverage. According to CryptoGlobe, the coverage of altcoins corresponded “pretty neatly to their respective market caps,” with the exception of litecoin and tether, which “saw news coverage in 2018 disproportionate to what their market cap would have suggested.”