0x launches monetary incentive Market Maker Program as volumes reach yearly lows

Last week, 0x announced an initiative to bootstrap liquidity to the network via a new Market Making Program. The program aims to incentivize market makers to build fully automated liquidity solutions on the network by offering up to $15k in monetary rewards for accepted applicants that complete defined requirements. 0x will also provide developer resources and dedicate support staff to reduce onboarding friction.

Source: 0x Blog, https://blog.0xproject.com/introducing-the-0x-market-maker-program-42edc902b1f0

The MM Program is launching at a time when network volumes on 0x have fallen back to Y/Y lows, with current 7-day rolling average trading volumes currently running at a $220k clip (down 50% YTD). The MM program is the first of a few planned initiatives and developer tools set to hit the ecosystem in the coming months, which aim to attract more market makers to the network.

Sources: The Block, https://0xtracker.com/