The U.S. dollar makes a small comeback while bitcoin inches upward after weekend crash

The U.S. dollar made a small comeback during Monday morning's trading session, appreciating by more than 0.6% after a brutal July. 

Indeed, the U.S. Dollar Currency Index suffered last month, falling by more than 4% — its worst monthly performance since 2010. Underpinning this environment was a decline in real yields and concerns about the impact of political and economic uncertainty on the dollar's strength.

Strong corporate earnings might have offered some relief. As noted by Mark Haefele, chief investment officer at UBS, "nearly 80 percent of companies are beating expectations, with the median company beating by 16 percent," as the FT reported

Meanwhile, gold has pared back on some of its gains from July. Bullion was trading down 0.35% at the time of publication after enjoying a strong rally in July that brought it to record price levels. 

Bitcoin, on the other hand, was trading in the green Monday. Despite a massive crash in price over the weekend, bitcoin is up more than 22% over the past month.