Opyn says exploit of ETH put options resulted in the theft of 371k USDC

UPDATE 6:55 PM EST: The Opyn team has published an overview of the exploit on the Opyn ETH put options, revealing the loss of roughly 371,000 USDC. 

The team explained:

"At the time of this post, we’ve found 371,260 USDC that has been stolen from these contracts, but this amount may change as our investigation continues. 439,170 USDC from outstanding vaults was successfully recovered by a white hat hack that the Opyn team conducted on the Convexity Protocol to mitigate further loss."

The team added that "[i[n order to ensure liquidity for existing oToken holders, we also offered and continue to offer to purchase all ETH Put oTokens that were outstanding at the time of the exploit for 20% above market price on Deribit."

Opyn's developers also stressed th