Bitcoin was the second most popular asset on TradingView after Tesla stock last month

Bitcoin was the second most viewed asset on TradingView after Tesla stock in July.

The charting platform revealed the data point on Friday, saying that Tesla was the most viewed stock in 31 U.S. states, while bitcoin was particularly popular in California, Washington, and Oregon states. "The west coast loves crypto the most," said TradingView.

Both bitcoin and Tesla stock have jumped in price this year. Tesla has almost tripled from around $430 in January to about $1,650 currently. Meanwhile, bitcoin is up 60% year-to-date.

Source: TradingView

Boeing stock followed Tesla and bitcoin by becoming the third most viewed asset on TradingView, and American Airlines was the tenth. "It's clear that the global pandemic brought increased volatility to the airlines sector and with that came additional interest from traders and investors," said TradingView.

Notably, Apple failed to reach the topmost viewed stock on TradingView in any one state, meaning traders and investors aren't paying that much attention despite the stock is up 53% year-to-date.