Popular open source laptop maker Purism announces new series

Hackers and hustlers who have been looking for fully open source laptops have often turned to Purism, a small but feisty distributor that pairs high-end hardware with completely open software. The laptops are generic enough to ensure that you won't be locked down by Windows or any other closed-source players but high-end enough for programming work.

The best thing? Both laptops feature a physical on and off switch to control the Wi-Fi, camera, and microphone, thereby ensuring complete privacy when talking biz. The laptops are excellent for folks specifically interested in security as users can manage everything from the OS to their crypto wallet with complete transparency.

The Librem 13 and Librem 15 will run an Intel Core i7-7500U Processor with integrated HD Graphics and both are open source from stem to stern thanks to coreboot, and open bootloader. You can check out the Librem 13 or Librem 15 here.

Their latest product, the Librem 5, is a fully open source smartphone and is available for pre-order now.