Infrastructure makers and equity investors find a way to thrive in the midst of crypto winter

Times are tough on the cryptocurrency market, but as it turns out, not everyone has fallen victim to the price crash, Bloomberg writes. The so-called ‘crypto winter’ has forced some to work harder than ever to make up for the lost revenue, which means good business for firms providing blockchain infrastructure. 

"This is the most productive phase we’ve ever been in," said Konstantin Richter, CEO of Blockdaemon, whose firm develops infrastructure solutions for private blockchains. “Projects now need to show their colors. The time is up of raising a lot of money and talking a lot of talk.” 

The crisis has also proven successful for some equity investors—some have taken advantage of the fragile times to seek out infrastructure firms which will likely be acquired in the future. "They are coming down in valuation, which is the best part of the crypto winter for us," said Sheri Kairserman of an investment firm