Crypto exchange Kraken wants to hire an Ethereum evangelist

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is seeking an Ethereum specialist to serve as the face of the firm's endeavors in the ecosystem.

According to a job posting, the Lead Ethereum Strategist position would have internal and external responsibilities related to the second-largest cryptocurrency. Externally, the person would be tasked with appearing in media interviews and serving as a thought leader on social media by communicating "the value proposition of the Ethereum ecosystem in an informed and opinionated voice."

Internally, the person would "inform Kraken's Ethereum focus and strategy including how to be positioned with respect to DeFi applications and new token listings."

Whoever ultimately serves in this role would also advise the exchange on product development initiatives.

The listing's posting comes as the market for decentralized finance applications continues to heat up, and today many of these protocols are built on Ethereum. In terms of trading, DeFi coins have grown from roughly 2% of exchange trading volumes to 14% since the beginning of the year.

As for Kraken, the firm has listed a number of DeFi-related tokens recently, including LINK and COMP.

The Ethereum evangelist would join a team known for its bitcoin community thought-leaders. These include Pierre Rochard, who serves as the firm's bitcoin strategist, and Dan Held, Kraken's growth lead.