MyEtherWallet launches open-source Ethereum block explorer

Crypto wallet service MyEtherWallet has launched an open-source blockchain explorer to go alongside its popular wallet service.

Called EthVM, the new data service will be more transparent and conducive to collaboration compared with popular explorers Etherscan and Ethplorer, which are not open-source. "We believe this will help us discover use cases and solutions that have not been addressed by blockchain explorers before," the company said in a press release.

MyEtherWallet saw 1.4 million visitors to its website last month. The company said that in providing support to its wallet users, the team has realized that many user questions — particularly those that pertain to wallet balances and transaction status — can be quickly and easily answered using a blockchain explorer.

"When it's late at night and you get a scare because the wallet interface is showing you unexpected balances, a block explorer can tell you what's really going on."