DEX volumes continue to soar in September, crossing almost $15 billion month-to-date

The rapid increase in decentralized exchange (DEX) volumes continued its upswing in the month of September, after increasing significantly last month, as previously reported by The Block.

Source: Dune Analytics, The Block Research

Month-to-date volume in September has already surpassed the total volume seen throughout August — so far the $14.9 billion volume in September reflects an almost 30% increase over the August volume, which was $11.6 billion according to data published by Dune Analytics, which tracks volumes in the DEX sector. 

Based on the chart above, the rise in DEX volumes in September appears to be consistent with the significant upswings over the last three months.   

Source: Dune Analytics, The Block Research

Similar to last month, the bulk of DEX volume came from Uniswap. All in all, Uniswap made up 66% of the total volume seen in September, with Curve driving the 21% of the volume. 

Uniswap has seen roughly $471 million in volume in the last 24 hours.