Over 140,000 addresses have claimed their 400 UNI token airdrops

Roughly 74% of claimable UNI tokens have been obtained thus far, according to the latest data from Dune Analytics.

As reported at the time of its launch, UNI — tied to Uniswap, the top decentralized exchange by trade volumes — has a total initial supply of 1 billion, with 150 million being made immediately available to a range of users including liquidity providers, exchange users, and SOCKS token holders.

As of Sunday morning, some 110,890,207 tokens have been claimed by 180,807 users. Of these users, 78%, or approximately 141,000 addresses, have claimed 400 UNI tokens for being traders on Uniswap. 

Source: Dune Analytics (@jdourlens), The Block Research

The development comes as DEX volumes continue to rise in September, having already eclipsed August's figures by now. As of the 17th, total DEX volumes for the month reached $14.9 billion compared to the total of $11.6 billion in August.