Haven Protocol's only developer appears to have abandoned the project

A member of Haven Protocol's marketing team 'news.cutter' said they "consider [Haven Protocol] dead unless some [developers] take it over" in a public chat room. Core developer of Haven Protocol 'havendev' said they were "apparently the only person with access to the code repository" and after being asked to open the code, they weren't heard from in "weeks."

The last time havendev's Twitter account posted was in November. The project is now looking for a "talented dev" to take over the project. Another team member publicly announced they are leaving on January 7 stating they are "not happy with its current state."

Another Haven Protocol team member 'donjor' posted a message four hours after the initial announcement confirming that havendev has "been very opposed to opening up the offshore code repositories and any attempt to make the dev fee more transparent too" and said they share the sentiment with news.cutter. They also said that the repository can be forked if required and that they are "not just going to let XHV die."

Haven Protocol is a fork of Monero "that proposes a mix of standard market pricing and stable fiat value storage without an unsustainable peg or asset backing." It was listed on Bittrex and Upbit amongst other lesser-known exchanges. The price of XHV has fallen by more than 90% since November and by 95% since its all-time high in April.

UPDATE: The core developer havendev has now responded in the chat as well. They said that "Haven development has been ongoing" and that "in light of the insane amount of FUD...I will prepare [the code] and hand it all to the team so that they can hire new devs to work on it." They also said that they will continue to help the team where they can. In a follow up message an hour later, havendev said that "all code [they] have ever written for Haven will be sent to the team before the end of the week" and reassured the community that "there is no exit scam."