KuCoin hacker switches mixer approach and opts for Wasabi Wallet: Elliptic

Bitcoin from the September hack of KuCoin is once again on the move, according to the blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. 

Previously, the hacker elected to use a service known as ChipMixer, The Block reported. Now they’re using Wasabi Wallet, a mixer through which multiple participants combine coins into one large transaction with numerous inputs and outputs. 

Source: Elliptic.

Wasabi Wallet is a non-custodial, open-sourced, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet. It promises to create fungible transactions, making it difficult to trace where a coin originated from or where it was sent to, according to the Wasabi Wallet FAQ page

The KuCoin hacker has been amplifying the ways in which money laundering can occur over decentralized tools, such as using DEXs to launder funds and mixers to throw blockchain analytic tools and methods off their tracks.