Nearly $100 million in bitcoin tied to 2016 Bitfinex hack has been moved

$96.7 million in bitcoin stolen from crypto exchange Bitfinex in a 2016 hack was moved on Monday.

The 14 separate transactions, tracked by Twitter-based alert service Whale Alert, show that 5045.48 BTC in total was transferred. The movements come more than two months since the most recent such occurrence when more than $26 million in bitcoin at then-current prices was transferred. 

Bitfinex was hacked in August 2016, and nearly 120,000 BTC was stolen during that security breach. That incident led Bitfinex to socialize the losses among its user base and later create a token, dubbed BFX, to reimburse those who experienced funds haircuts.

In August, Bitfinex offered a public reward in an effort to spur its recovery efforts.