Decentralized exchanges post $17 billion in volume for November, continue monthly decline from September peak

Decentralized exchanges posted a total of $17.06 billion in trade volume for November, continuing a decline from September's volume peak of $26.26 billion, according to data collected by The Block Research.

As seen in past months, the volume was dominated by Uniswap, though that marketplace's month-over-month volume fell from $11.2 billion to $9.91 billion, per the data. Curve's volume slid from $5.2 billion to $2.43 billion month-over-month.

All in all, the November volume figure represents a roughly 35% decline from September.

November saw various developments across the DEX space, notably including the stoppage of Uniswap's liquidity mining rewards program. The DEX's community stakeholders are now weighing future options on that front.