Crypto security startup Curv launches new product for institutions to access DeFi

Crypto security startup Curv is rolling out a new decentralized finance (DeFi) solution that it says will make it easier for institutions to access DeFi apps.

Curv DeFi will build on the startup's integration with the Compound protocol earlier this year as well as its recent partnership with ConsenSys. According to a Thursday announcement, Curv DeFi will use the interoperability and user interface of ConsenSys-owned MetaMask to provide its clients with "a unique offering that combines ease-of-use with the enterprise-controls and enforcement mechanisms institutions require to build out their DeFi strategies."

Still, it is not clear exactly how many firms are lined up to use the solution. In a statement to The Block, Curv said it has "a handful of existing clients." It declined to share the names of those clients.

"As there is no reliable and secure institutional solution for DeFi, we've seen organizations revert to retail-level MetaMask," a company spokesperson told The Block. "The new joint offering will enable institutions to combine the ease of use and application-readiness of MetaMask together with an enterprise-grade security infrastructure Curv offers."

When asked to elaborate on how it would do this, a representative of Curv responded: "Our partnership with MetaMask means that users will be able to keep the same workflow they are accustomed to, while gaining all the security benefits that institutions require. We’ve just bridged the technology gap, and paving the way for greater institutional adoption of DeFi."