The number of bitcoin wallets holding more than $10 million rose above 4,500 this weekend

More than 4,500 bitcoin wallets are holding value in excess of $10 million, data collected by The Block Research shows.

The interactive graph below breaks down the number of bitcoin wallets with a balance of more than $X for different categories, ranging from those above $1,000 to more than $10 million. As the graph lines indicate, bitcoin's price push above the $20,000 market had a noticeable impact on the data.

Indeed, more than 4.6 million bitcoin wallets were holding more than $1,000 in value as of December 20. Conversely, roughly 271,000 wallets were holding balances in excess of $100,000 of that date.

It should be noted that the number of wallets does not indicate the number of coin holders, as an individual's holdings — or a business's holdings — may be spread across many wallets.