Ethereum Foundation's annual conference Devcon won't happen in August

The Ethereum Foundation announced Wednesday that its annual conference, Devcon, won't take place in August 2021 as scheduled before.

The new timing is yet to be determined, but the foundation said it would take "a bit longer" than August.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced the foundation to postpone Devcon once again as the Ethereum community needs more time to travel to Bogota, Colombia — Devcon 2021's venue.

"We're hopeful that a new date announcement is possible soon with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines ramping up now, and updated pandemic-related trends improving," said the foundation.

Devcon dates back to 2014 and is the only annual gathering held by the Ethereum Foundation. The last conference, Devcon V, took place in Japan in October 2019.

Last year, the foundation postponed Devcon VI until August 2021, and now the new date remains uncertain.