Weekly 'Bitcoin' tweet volume hit a new high this month

The week-by-week number of tweets containing the word 'bitcoin' hit a new this month, according to data compiled by The Block Research.

For the week ending February 14, there were roughly 675,000 tweets containing the term 'Bitcoin.' That figure represents a 17.13% increase from the previous volume peak, which occurred in mid-January with a weekly total of about 576,000 such tweets. 

Related metrics showed significant spikes in interest, including the number of new followers for crypto exchange accounts on Twitter. The week ending February 15 saw about 150,000 new followers in this category -- still, the all-time peak for such activity was in early January, as the graph below illustrates.

New followers for crypto data and research services have been growing since December, but the high point of activity remains mid-January, as shown below.

These Twitter metrics surrounding Bitcoin may suggest that while discourse and information on Bitcoin is increasing, that interest is not translating to people joining crypto exchanges.