Markets are getting more volatile. Vauld helps you buy the dip.

Markets are getting more volatile. Vauld helps you buy the dip.

You’ve heard it before – stock prices are untethered from reality, housing prices are overheated, and cryptocurrencies are running on hype. According to Yale’s Crash Confidence Index, the percentage of individual investors that are confident in the current markets hit a record low of 13% this August – and this was even before the Evergrande’s $300 billion fiasco, which recently triggered the worst day on Wall Street since May.

It’s notoriously hard to invest during a potential bubble, but luckily there is a way to simultaneously protect your savings, earn high interest rates, and position yourself to buy future dips in the market. This is all made possible through the rise of crypto lending platforms, which allow investors to automatically earn double-digit yields on their deposits. And among these platforms, Vauld offers the highest interest rates in the industry on a wide range of crypto assets.

And even though Vauld is a crypto lending platform, you don’t need to speculate on volatile cryptocurrencies in order to get in on the action. For instance, you can immediately start earning 12.68% APY on your USD-backed stablecoins, with no deposit/withdrawal fees or mandatory lock-up periods. Stablecoins are crypto tokens backed by another asset such as the U.S. dollar, meaning these tokens maintain the same value as the fiat currency they’re tethered to and are not affected by broader crypto market movements. In other words, the returns you earn from Vauld’s automated stablecoin lending platform exceed the ~10.3% APY the SPY generated during the historical bull market following the Great Recession.

The significance of investment opportunities like Vauld’s fixed-APY stablecoin lending service can’t be overstated. It’s no secret that the price of cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH regularly make double-digit moves in a single day, and stock traders are increasingly twitchy as the global financial market reacts to multiple ongoing crises and uncertain US policy outcomes. Against this backdrop, stablecoin lending platforms like Vauld give you peace of mind from all this market uncertainty, and since there are no withdrawal limits or fees you can instantly liquidate your crypto tokens and scoop up discount stocks or other investments whenever you spot a better opportunity. To that end, Vauld even has a customizable ‘Buy the Dip’ feature that automatically purchases specific cryptocurrencies for you when prices drop below a pre-set level.

There’s no denying that the COVID pandemic – and each country’s haphazard response to it – has brought the world to an uncertain place. At the same time, many investors have been able to ride exuberant market upswings over the past year and a half. Nobody can predict the future, but all bull markets eventually come to an end. That’s why, as uncertainty and instability continue to creep into financial markets worldwide, insured, high-interest crypto lending platforms like Vauld are the best way for investors to play defense and offense at the same time. Get started today!

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