Web 3 data solution, Swash, making waves with data monetisation for all

In the information age, you are your data, and the world is in desperate need of alternative solutions focused on transparency and fairness rather than further lining the pockets of Silicon Valley’s major players. 

Given our current data-driven world, it is incredible to think that we still don’t have a say in what happens to our information. There is little control over how it’s collected, used, and sold, and we certainly don’t receive any share of the value it generates. 

The data economy needs a new solution. One which values balance, transparency, and incentivises in an ecosystem that puts people at the centre. New research shows that only 9% of American consumers feel they have control over their data, even though over 90% think it is important.

The rise of Web 3 native solutions can start a new era for data management and ownership, rebalancing power dynamics and bringing freedom - both data and financial - to the masses, whether they care about crypto or not. 

Swash is one solution empowering people, businesses, and developers through an ecosystem of tools and services designed to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its value.

The project just closed an oversubscribed round of $7MM from leading Web 3 venture capital firms, angel investors, crypto companies, and private investors, including Outlier Ventures, KuCoin, and Streamr.


What Swash does for people and organisations

Swash has over 80K Data Union members who are already reclaiming ownership and earning rewards for the aggregated value of their data. Swash will expand its product suite to offer more data use cases amid its latest funding round and public sale. For example, a competitive market intelligence Web 3 dashboard for organisations (sIntelligence), the Swash environment for the next generation of builders (sApps), and a new tool that allows for data computations on site for developers and data scientists (sCompute).

At the basis of all these First Wave Solutions is the SWASH token. The Whitelisting process to become a Swash token holder is now open until October 25. The IDO will happen on October 29 for all participant who passed the whitelisting and KYC process.


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Uses of the Swash token

All Data Union members will receive Swash (SWASH) when using the application for the value of their data. All the transactions between organisations and people under Swash’s First Wave Solutions will come from SWASH.

Businesses will also be able to use SWASH to subscribe to products. Swash token holders will also gain governance power over DAO decisions, besides having several ways to multiply their rewards with staking and other use cases.


How to join the Swash movement?

If you would like to participate in the upcoming public sale, there is still time to get whitelisted. There are only 20,000 places available and applications close October 25 or when all 20,000 seats are filled.

To start using Swash and to join the world’s first and largest Data Union, you can try Swash on all major browsers today.

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