Pixlr announces Pixlr Genesis, a NFT-based movement to build the world’s largest decentralized art museum on the metaverse

Pixlr, one of the world’s most popular design and photo editing ecosystems, now introduces Pixlr Genesis, a revolutionary movement to build a 100% decentralized art museum on the metaverse to rival the Louvre, MoMa and National Gallery. 

Aspiring to bridge artists and art connoisseurs from around the globe, this movement aims to display 10,000 pieces of NFT artwork in a world-class crowdsourced museum.

10,000 Exclusive Pixlr NFT art pieces will be released over five phases to ensure the galleries are refreshed with new curations. The art piece also represents a pass to the art gallery entitling user choice on what to display within the museum, how to invest secondary royalty funds, participate in fractional bids and where to focus the community's attention.

Art patrons can explore and display their collections in Pixlr Genesis gallery.

What makes Pixlr Genesis so unique?

Its one-of-a-kind NFT pass aims to symbolize the human connection formed in art. Each pass has a cryptographically hashed connection to the next NFT.

With the Pixlr Genesis pass, you can officially become an art patron within the NFT space and explore the unique collections in our gallery. You can even play a critical part to nurture the second Renaissance, which would mark another revival of the arts, one that will last for ages.

What’s more, being a Pixlr Genesis NFT pass holder means you can enjoy exclusive access to new community airdrops for additional collections at the genesis of the crypto art movement. Not to mention owning said pass would also allow you to use Pixlr tools to create NFT-based experiences and community.

How rare is Pixlr Genesis artwork?

Every single Pixlr Genesis piece is guaranteed unique and is manually signed with a secret attribute which boosts up their rarity rate.

The 10,000 slots will be divided into five releases, with each release having their own special advantages accruing over time.

Pixlr Genesis will showcase NFT art from around the world. 

Supporting artists & creators from around the world

You’d also be thrilled to know that over 25% of all Pixlr Genesis NFT secondary royalties will be reinvested in gaining new art pieces and building new platforms in hopes to support new and upcoming artists to grow alongside the Pixlr Genesis Collection.

Be a part of the Pixlr Genesis Community now!

Interested in this revolutionary art movement? Visit Pixlr Genesis today. 

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