What is Upland.Me?

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Upland is on the path to being the world’s largest blockchain metaverse, with over 150,000 monthly active users. Upland is rapidly creating the world’s first digital economy, where players can participate in a vibrant economy centered around property trading and in-game businesses.

At its core, Upland is a metaverse mapped to real world addresses where players can buy, sell and trade NFT properties. San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Fresno, Oakland, Bakersfield, Staten Island, Chicago, and most recently Cleveland, are all currently open in Upland, but you don’t need to be in those cities to be able to play: anyone across the world can join and buy properties!

Think of Upland like Monopoly: users can buy up virtual properties mapped to real addresses, and each property in the metaverse is a unique NFT that can in turn be sold or traded to other players. You can even develop buildings on your properties by staking Spark, an in-game resource token. These buildings can eventually be used to house in-game businesses that earn players a real income. And with Upland’s Property-to-USD feature, you can convert all your in-game earnings, whether through property flipping or business development, into real U.S. dollars.


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Upland’s ethos is to follow the principles of an free, open market economy and utilizes the EOS blockchain to ensure true ownership of all assets. Once you purchase a property in the metaverse, it is yours forever. Each property that is owned in the metaverse earns an annual UPX yield of ~17%. For example, if a property was minted at 10,000 UPX, it will earn the owner an additional 1,700 UPX yearly.

Upland’s 2021 Roadmap introduces even more exciting game features such as: a cross-chain NFT portal that will let you use NFTs from other blockchains in Upland’s metaverse, ‘Meta’ cars through a partnership with Cryptomotors and real in-game businesses.

It’s truly never been a better time to become an Uplander: click this link for a doubled 6,000 UPX starting bonus and get your digital property portfolio started right now. If you want to know more about Upland.me, follow their Twitter, join their Discord, and enter the Upland metaverse here.

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