Amber Group’s UK Subsidiary, WhaleFin Technologies, Receives Approval as Appointed Representative for UK FCA-Authorised Firm Strata Global Limited

Amber Group, a leading global digital asset platform, has announced that its UK subsidiary, WhaleFin Technologies (UK) Limited, has secured the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approval to become the Appointed Representative (AR) of FCA-authorised Strata Global Limited. This marks the beginning of a partnership between WhaleFin Technologies and Strata Global which will facilitate Amber Group’s market entry into the UK.

"Securing the FCA’s approval as an AR is a significant milestone for Amber Group in the UK - a market that is synonymous with a sophisticated financial and regulatory ecosystem, global connectedness, and an intuitive base for crypto demand and innovation in the region,” said Amber Group's Global CEO Michael Wu. “As we continue to innovate and bring our regulated services to more markets, we are committed to upholding the highest regulatory compliance standards.”

Amber Group first put down its roots in the UK in September 2021, having observed the digital assets market potential in the UK. An FCA study on crypto-assets ownership estimated that there are currently up to 2.3M crypto users in the UK in 2021, an increase from 1.9M in 2020. The study also found that there has been a fundamental attitudinal shift towards cryptocurrency adoption, with more than half of UK users expressing their intention to invest more in crypto-assets as an alternative or in tandem with mainstream investments.

“We are thrilled to be making inroads into the UK alongside our well-established partner, Strata Global Limited. Together, we look forward to strengthening Amber Group’s foothold in one of the world’s leading financial markets while upholding the standards and trust expected of an FCA-approved institution,” added Wu.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for us as we support Amber Group in building a business in o