A new P2P content distribution platform adds a former BitTorrent executive as an advisor

Quick Take

  • Ara is a peer-to-peer content distribution platform which rewards consumers for providing computing storage space
  • The firm has added former BitTorrent CSO Simon Morris as an advisor

Ara, a peer-to-peer content distribution platform, announced that it has added Simon Morris, the former BitTorrent CSO and BitTorrent token designer as an advisor.

Regular followers of the crypto industry may know Morris from his Breakermag interview, in which he questioned the viability of BitTorrent’s token running on Tron’s blockchain. In the interview, Morris stated there was “no way” Tron’s blockchain could handle the transaction volume on BitTorrent.

Morris is now taking his deep knowledge of peer-to-peer content distribution networks to Ara.

Tony Mugavero, CEO of Ara, tells The Block that Morris joined the company because he wanted content creators to join in the success of distributed content sharing platforms, like BitTorrent. BitTorrent, Mugavero explains, “doesn’t incentivize people to be fans of the network.”

In a press release shared with The Block, Morris states that “the BitTorrent ecosystem evolved into a consumer-dominated insurgency which cut out not just middle-men but creators too,” adding that “Ara is aiming to leverage the power of blockchain and p2p technologies to build a more sustainable and equitable digital content ecosystem for everyone.”

Unlike BitTorrent, which has often operated in the gray areas of copyright laws where users can download copyrighted content without paying for it, Ara is going a different route.