Profile Photos on Social Media Can Now Include NFTs, Starting New Trend for Early Adopters Like The Novatar

Twitter has recently added verification for crypto wallets, making NFT avatars, such as Novatars, the cornerstone of a new type of social identity.

In September 2021, Twitter announced that the platform will support NFT profile photos, and begin a verification process to ensure ownership rights prior to use on the site.

NFT profile photos used on twitter have ranged from pixelated animals to other digital figures, but Novatar is bringing a human element to the mix.

Novatars, which reflect the spirit of the new digital reality as much as possible, are NFT avatars that age much like humans, bridging the gap between real and digital identities.

The Novatar collection upgrades the idea of an NFT profile picture by bringing the technological solution instead of a regular image.

At this moment The Novatar is poised for future success for a good reason. NFT collection of futuristic aging avatars perfectly matches the demands of upgraded Twitter as well as social media platforms of the new era. The project is also inclusive by featuring different genders, races, ages and styles throughout the collection. The goal being to give social media users more opportunities to build their identity in the digital space.

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Celebrating diversity with Novatars
The cutting-edge aging NFT avatars represent a community of diverse digital personalities, ready to become your digital ID in a new era of social networks.
It has it all - a variety of races, genders, professions, cool styles, and individual designs of each member of the large community of NFT Novatars.
The diversity spreads over the LGBTQ community as well making The Novatar one of the only projects that empower almost all groups of society.

This winter’s hottest NFT drop represents a limited collection of 25K NFT baby avatars of diverse races, distinctive appearances, and facial expressions. These NFT babes can mature after minting and become adults. The Novatars’ external appearance and other features depend on their genetic packages. This makes some Novatars rarer than others. For example, genes responsible for sexual orientation or profession will not be developed for all mature Novatars. It’s also important to know that the maturing procedure is irreversible: once aged, Novatar cannot revert to a previous stage once matured.

While the NFT owners are deciding what their digital identity will be in the social network, The Novatar is offering one of the best avatar options currently available in the market.

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