Ledger launches crypto hardware wallet with enhanced NFT support

Quick Take

  • The new Ledger wallet will feature clear signing for NFT transactions.
  • Ledger has already sold 10,000 units of the wallet pre-launch.

Ledger has unveiled the latest version of its crypto hardware wallet called the Ledger Nano S Plus which, among other new features, prioritizes the needs of NFT collectors.

According to the announcement issued on Tuesday, the new hardware wallet offers support for clear signing via the company’s web app to ensure the safety of NFT collectors when signing transactions. Clear signing is part of a new trend by both hardware and software wallet makers to ensure that users are aware of the nature of transactions that they are executing.

Ian Rogers, chief experience officer at Ledger, explained the clear signing feature will help to prevent collectors from falling for NFT scams.

“Billions of dollars in transactions happen via ‘blind signing,’ monthly and those are all vulnerable transactions. Fortunately, the Nano S Plus connected to Ledger Live allows users to see their transaction details when signing, ‘clear signing,’ and users should avoid signing transactions when they can’t see this information,” Rogers told The Block

Apart from being an NFT-focused wallet, the Ledger Nano S also comes with a storage capacity of 1.5 megabytes and can support up to 100 apps. In March, the company sold 10,000 units within three days as part of a limited-edition release of the wallet.

Commenting on security concerns for wallet owners, Rodgers stated that Ledger remains a secure way to protect digital assets from theft. “As long as you do not share your 24 words or pin with anyone, with a Ledger you’re giving yourself the best prevention possible.”

Ledger has been the victim of several data attacks in the past with user information stolen from the company. Trezor, another hardware wallet maker, recently saw its users targeted in a phishing attack tied to a data breach that occurred on MailChimp.

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