Andre Cronje: 'Crypto culture has strangled crypto ethos'

Quick Take

  • Andre Cronje said crypto culture’s greed has taken away from the crypto ethos of sovereign ownership.
  • The DeFi developer called for regulations and the birth of a new crypto age.

The popular and controversial DeFi architect Andre Cronje has decried the nature of “crypto culture” arguing that it stands in contrast to the ethos of the emerging ecosystem in a blog post published Monday.

According to Cronje, crypto culture with its drive for wealth is stifling the more noble pursuits associated with crypto's ethos.

"I have long been vocal on my disdain of crypto culture, and my love for crypto ethos. Reading that might sound weird, but crypto ethos is concept like self-sovereign rights, self custody, self empowerment. Crypto culture is concepts like wealth, entitlement, enrichment, and ego," Cronje stated.

Cronje also argued that many crypto builders have an insufficient understanding of monetary policy.

According to Cronje,