Hackers steal 29 Moonbirds valued at $1.5 million in NFT phishing attack

Quick Take

  • The attack has been linked to a Twitter user approaching NFT holders for private trades.
  • Moonbirds have skyrocketed in popularity, making them a top target for hackers.

The crypto Twitter community is encouraging everyone to check links and stay vigilant following a hack targeting the popular Moonbirds non-fungible token (NFT) project. 

Late Tuesday, 29 Moonbirds valued at about 750 ETH ($1.5 million) were taken from their owner, DigitalOrnithologist, according to on-chain data. 

Despite having only launched a month ago, Moonbirds are quickly joining the Bored Ape Yacht Club as a popular target for hackers. The collection, a product of venture capitalist Kevin Rose's Proof Collective, has skyrocketed in popularity and was at the center of a phishing scam shortly after its launch.

Twitter sleuth 0xLosingMoney has linked this new attack to an account on Twitter named @DVincent_, which now, along with its corresponding OpenSea page, has disappeared. He also noted that, prior to the attack, other NFT holders reported being approached by @DVincent_ for private sales.

Among them, Bored Ape holder @just1n_eth described how the account approached him on May 10. "We came to an agreement on price. Then this individual insisted we use a platform called ‘p2peers.io’. I have been in the space [for] over a year and hadn’t heard of it. I instantly knew something didn’t seem right."