Hacker begins laundering funds from $100 million Harmony bridge attack

Quick Take

  • The hacker is in the process of laundering about a fifth of the $100 million stolen from Harmony’s Horizon bridge.
  • Harmony has offered a $1 million bounty for the return of the stolen funds.

The hacker responsible for stealing $100 million from Horizon, a cross-chain bridge tied to the Harmony blockchain protocol, has begun laundering the funds, according to reports by PeckShield.

Data from Etherscan show the wallet used by the hacker in the attack sent out about 18,000 ETH ($21 million) to another wallet. The hacker used this other wallet to disburse the funds to three other addresses, sending about 6,000 ETH ($7 million each).

The first intermediary address has already laundered the funds received via Tornado Cash, a coin mixing service. The second wallet is in the process of doing s