Nested: DeFi turned SocialFi for mass adoption

The wilderness of DeFi and its consequent lack of accessibility has warded-off too many potential users from CeFi – and makes the possibility of mass adoption all but a sweet dream.

A hard-to-digest user experience that narrows users to diehard crypto fans, steep fees that excludes many, a dire lack of technical guidance leading to expedited liquidations, and the absence of community oriented mechanisms to incentivize users to share more – DeFi has a lot of work to do before turning the dream of mass adoption into reality.

Hope isn’t dead though – it just needs a little push.

DeFi for all

DeFi must become a reassuring place if it wishes to break new highs.

Nested is a social trading platform that intends to revolutionize DeFi for good by making it social – hence rendering it accessible. 

Multi-chain and built to scale, Nested provides a smooth user experience that reduces web 3 noise, brings social features that tame technicality for newcomers, and implements a solution that enables savvy traders to monetize their knowledge – all while aggregating several protocols together on a single platform.

That platform allows users to create financial portfolios —  ‘Nested portfolios’— enveloped in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that reflect a chosen set of up to twelve tokens per portfolio.

Users can then freely manage these portfolios, share them with friends or even copy other users’ strategies.

Nested allows DeFi newbies to copy strategies that correspond to what they are looking for while giving the opportunity to more experienced DeFi traders, such as community leaders, to earn royalties every time one of their portfolios is copied — and enjoy a seamless asset management experience. 

The company’s solution makes crypto investment easier, more social and affordable thanks to its use of NFT technology that drastically reduces transaction fees – with only one transaction needed for up to twelve assets.

Moreover, the near total absence of mutual support in Web 3.0 is ironic given that it was built upon the idea of peer-to-peer. It has led to many people giving up.

Bringing a social dimension so that users might benefit from each other is the means to mitigate risks. 

This is why Nested’s solution lies at the crossroads of social media and crypto trading – to ultimately increase DeFi’s accessibility.

Peer-to-peer guidance through an easy-to-use and all-in-one platform that socializes DeFi is the missing element to truly mitigate risks for rookie traders and turn a marginally obscure experience into a