Genius X program: A key that unlocks access to the best Cardano projects

Genius X is an accelerator program for the most ambitious early-stage startups building on Cardano. By participating in the Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) and in the staking program, you’ll receive access to the best Cardano projects.

Since the Alonzo hard fork in September 2021 that enabled smart contract capability, there are today over 1,000 applications being built on Cardano. User growth continues as there are almost 3.4 million total ADA wallets and around 2,000 new wallets created daily. With 1.2 million wallets delegating their ADA tokens across 3,000 stake pool operators, Cardano has become one of the biggest decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Unfortunately, this growth has come with its drawbacks. Giveaway scams, rugpulls, and other malicious activity that has plagued other blockchains like Ethereum have made their way to Cardano, eroding trust and destroying the value of individual’s crypto holdings.  How do you avoid projects that lack value to focus on dApps that will add utility to the growing Cardano ecosystem?

The Genius X staking program: Receive access to the best projects on Cardano

The Genius X staking program and its utility token GENSX is your key that unlocks access to the best Cardano projects. The primary advantage of staking your GENSX tokens is receiving 20% of fees earned by the Genius X accelerator program, which could include GENSX tokens and the project’s native tokens.  Rewards will be distributed from the Genius X DAO Treasury.  For example, if Genius X earns 5% of the client’s token total supply, the Genius X staking program will receive 20% of the amount, or 1% of the client’s token total supply. Have a look at some projects you can access by participating in the Genius X staking program:

  1. Fluid TokensA peer-to-peer decentralized NFT lending platform on Cardano that allows borrowers to use their NFTs as collateral. Fluid Tokens take advantage of the growing ownership of NFTs by allowing you to use your NFT as collateral for a fungible token loan, eliminating the requirement to lock up your liquid fungible tokens that’s required by other platforms.
  2. Smart PlacesA social ecosystem that rewards users for interacting and connecting through posting their thoughts, liking other people’s posts, and meeting locally with others. Unlike centralized Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook or Twitter that monetize users’ data and keep all the profit, the Smart Places Protocol will allow users to earn tokens by interacting with others and to monetize their data by showing ads.
  3. Outlaws Brawl—A multiplayer online First Person Shooter (FPS) game with Play-to-Earn (P2E) set in the HHMC universe.
  4. Reach MetaverseReach Cloud provides the infrastructure and hosting platform for creating meta spaces, allowing users to build and interact in the Reach Metaverse; from marketplaces, art galleries, institutions and more; universal access to VR simulations from any device.
  5. MaestroMaestro provides enterprise grade infrastructure that simplifies the development process for Cardano dApps, a ISPO marketplace and deployment platform, and Level 2 node operations.
  6. MartifyCreating the infrastructure for game and metaverse projects to integrate smart contracts and NFTs.
  7. LedgityBridging centralized and decentralized finance to offer users a consolidated investment platform for crypto assets, private equity, real estate, and much more.
  8. CardahubOffers advanced NFT services for Cardano, a one-stop shop for NFTs, including a marketplace, distribution, and integration for unique dual listings.   
  9. Cardano FeedDecentralized news media platform powered by incentivized content creation.  Explore projects and news across around 20 different categories, upvote articles, comment, and have your engagement rewarded with tokens.
  10. Algae Token - build a modern sustainable farming system for microalgae, the planet’s most nutrient-dense food
  11. Devision - making investments in premium and rare NFTs simple, safe, and affordable.
  12. Drunken Dragon - creating an Autonomous Fantasy Franchise with Decentralized Intellectual Property, where fans can contribute to the development of the universe
  13. Benjamin’s Club - NFT auction house, that paves the way for artists and collectors to enter the Cardano ecosystem

The listed projects are just a sample of startups in the Genius X accelerator program.  More information will be published about other startups being onboarded. The fast growth of dApps being built on Cardano has made it more difficult to evaluate the quality of new projects. Many individuals in the Cardano ecosystem have already fallen victim to giveaway scams, participating in ISPOs of projects who shut down, or purchasing tokens whose dApp turned out to be fake. 

Genius X — Finding gems in a sea of uncertainty 

Genius X is a premium business accelerator program that conducts due diligence on startup applicants for the Genius X Accelerator Program. Genius X, which was launched by the world class team behind Genius Yield, carefully reviews each startup’s team and work experience, product’s potential utility, potential competitive advantages, current development stages and many other attributes. 

The Genius X team looks for projects which have a Proof Of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with founders who are looking to be key players in the Cardano ecosystem. All project founders also must go through a KYC process, in which their identity and background is validated.  Once a project is selected to join the accelerator program, Genius X provides guidance on business and product development, tokenomics design, legal structure, marketing strategy, pitch deck presentation, and their technical whitepaper. If the startup is seeking additional funds for development, Genius X can connect them with our network of accredited investors or help them set up an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO).

The Genius X team is hard at work to bring value to the Cardano ecosystem and has around a dozen startups in the program. A third group of startups recently joined the accelerator program, creating even more value for those in the GENSX staking program.

GENSX staking program benefits


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Below are several benefits for participants in the GENSX staking program:

  • 20% of each project’s token earned by the accelerator program
  • 20% of Genius X Launchpad fees, which is expected to launch in Q3 2022.
  • Governance and voting rights in all Genius X Improvement Proposals (GIPs)
  • Early access to Genius X Utility NFTs
  • Access to the Genius X launchpad sales
  • Access to the Genius X Grant Program from Q1 2023 through which stakers will also be free to submit a project, vote, get rewards, and vote for projects to receive available grants.

Interested in obtaining GENSX tokens and learning more about Genius X?

  1. Startups — Send an application from our website.
  2. ADA Holders — Connect with us on social media and check out the Genius X ISPO to get GENSX tokens, which is currently running until September 12, 2022 (Epoch 363). The $GENSX token has numerous benefits, such as receiving a share of the platform’s revenue and Utility NFTs.
  3. Venture Capital / Accredited Investors — Get in touch through social media and fill in our contact form available here.

About Genius X

Genius X fosters innovation on the Cardano network while empowering Web3 startups to build impactful and scalable blockchain-based companies that will have a massive impact across the globe. We accelerate and scale incredible projects on Cardano and Web3 through our advisory, mentorship, and growth experiences.

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