Poly Network Voyage Event Launch, Cross-Chain to Win NFTs

Poly Network, the cross-chain interoperability protocol, recently announced that it has launched the Poly Network Voyage event to celebrate the second anniversary of Poly Network's mainnet launch. Participants of the event have the opportunity to win limited edition NFTs by transacting cross-chain, creating Poly Network related content, interacting with the community, etc. One address is eligible to receive a maximum of three limited edition Poly Network NFTs. On-chain data shows that Poly Network’s cross-chain transaction volume has grown significantly as the campaign kicks off. 

Poly Network is an established cross-chain protocol whose mainnet launched in August 2020. Poly Network has integrated more than 30 mainstream heterogeneous blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Neo, Arbitrum, Metis, Optimism, etc. In April this year, the Poly NFT Bridge was upgraded to promote efficient circulation of NFTs across various heterogeneous blockchains. Up to now, the total amount of cross-chain asset transfers through Poly Network has exceeded USD 16.2 billion, the number of unique cross-chain addresses that have transacted cross-chain has exceeded 370,000, and the total value locked (TVL) previously exceeded USD 1 billion. 


Poly Network Voyage Event Schedule :  

August 8th 3A.M. (UTC) - September 8th 3A.M. (UTC) 


Activity 1: Cross-Chain Expenditure Competition 

How do participants send assets cross-chain? 

Use Poly Network enabled dApps such as Poly Bridge, Flamingo, O3 Swap, Chainswap for cross-chain asset transactions.  

How can I get an NFT? 

The top 1000 addresses in terms of cross-chain cost expenditure (source chain transaction fee + target chain transaction fee), will receive Poly Network's second anniversary limited edition "Data Frigate" NFT, and the top 100 addresses will additionally receive Poly Network's second anniversary limited edition "The Bridge" NFT. The top addresses are measured by the USD value of cross-chain transactions.  


"Data Frigate" NFT

"The Bridge" NFT

Activity 2: Poly Network Voyage Content Creation Competition 

How do users participate in the content creation competition? 

Users can create content related to Poly Network in various formats such as GIF/pictures/articles/videos/music, share it on Twitter/Discord/Telegram and finally submit the link or screenshot via the submission form.

Can I get Poly Network's 2nd anniversary limited edition NFT by participating in the content creation competition? 

Poly Network’s official event team will randomly select 10 lucky winners from the participants to receive Poly Network's second anniversary limited edition "City of Lights" NFT. 


"City of Lights" NFT

Activity 3: Social Media Interaction Lucky Draw 

What tasks do users need to complete? 

(1)Follow @PolyNetwork2 on Twitter 

(2)Retweet + Like + Tag 3 Friends + Comment on the Official Event Tweet  

(3)Join the Telegram Group

(4)Join the Discord Channel


Can I get a Limited Edition NFT of Poly Network’s 2nd Anniversary by Completing the Social Media Tasks? 

Poly Network’s official event team will select, at random, three lucky winners of the “City of Lights” limited edition Poly Network NFT. 


For more event details, please check out: https://twitter.com/PolyNetwork2 

Bridge now! https://bridge.poly.network 


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