A key step for Ethereum GPU miners progressing into Web 3.0 - Providing rendering computing power for Caduceus

In mid-July, Tim Beiko, Ethereum’s core developer, shared the news that Ethereum’s consensus algorithm is expected to migrate to PoS and the implementation date of the upgrade will be September 19th, which caused shocks in the entire Crypto industry. The change is to merge the beacon chain run by PoS with the original chain run by PoW and gradually stop the PoW part of the original chain. This upgrade represents a switch for Ethereum to PoS consensus in the near future. This is a key step in Ethereum's journey to 2.0, and it has attracted much attention because it involves the transformation of public chain consensus. Among them, the miners are most concerned because it is highly related to their vital interests.  

Caduceus CTO Matt said, ' The Metaverse demands high-quality computing power to support creation, production and interaction. Compared to the traditional PoW mechanisms, GPU rendering power produced via blockchain mining provides the solution to future Metaverse development. 

 The business framework of Caduceus in the metaverse will provide rendering services not only limited to traditional games, film and television, AI and other industries. Miners can exchange their computing power with Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, and help drive application scenarios with GPU mining machines which will naturally become more necessary and critical. 

As the underlying facility of the Metaverse, Caduceus provides strong support through the layout of edge computing and decentralized edge rendering technology. In the near future, how to achieve seamless collaboration and cross-chain interoperability between Metaverse platforms will be the key development direction of Caduceus. In addition, Caduceus will also announce their mining plan soon. 

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