TRON’s Mission Towards Creating an Eco-friendly Economy

Renewable energy makes up only 20% of the U.S. utility-scale electricity and it’s the fastest growing energy source in the U.S. with a growth rate of 42% in the timeframe from 2010 - 2020, according to this report here. The most environmentally friendly blockchains are the ones that efficiently use their energy consumption while utilizing renewable energy as much as they can. A popular topic in the space of crypto is “mining,” which is the concept of utilizing computer energy to solve complex problems or algorithms. Once an algorithm is solved, it rewards the solver with that cryptocurrency. The reason they’re being rewarded is that every algorithm that is solved is also helping validate the network of that blockchain. These cryptocurrencies run off a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol. The most notable cryptocurrencies that utilize this protocol are Bitcoin and Ethereum.  
Even if the majority of crypto miners are utilizing renewable energy, it’s still consuming a large amount of energy, which can be inefficient. The Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute found that Bitcoin consumes over 83 TwH. In comparison, TRON consumes 62,868 kW per year, which is the equivalent of 0.001% of Bitcoin’s yearly energy consumption or 15 U.S. households’ annual energy consumption. According to an Iberdrola report, the amount of energy that Bitcoin consumes translates to 95 million tonnes of CO2, which is the same amount of CO2 emissions that the country of Nigeria produces. Due to TRON’s unique Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, the blockchain can stay environmentally friendly while conducting multiple transactions at once with no delay.  



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TRON is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains globally, which is evident given its low carbon footprint and high-efficiency ratings. As mentioned earlier, companies and even countries are becoming more environmentally conscious. Consumers of all types of economies will eventually gravitate towards products that are helping make the world better, TRON is no exception to this eventual fact. With Web3 and blockchain technology becoming more popular, TRON has positioned itself as being a prevalent network helping lead the way to a more sustainable civilization. 

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