How Liquidity Aggregation Can Help You Find the Best Prices When Trading

Nexo launches a trading platform with aggregated liquidity. 


  • Nexo Pro is a trading platform that currently offers a 50% discount on fees. 
  • It helps users get the best possible price for all their trades by aggregating liquidity from 3,000+ order books.

Just last week, Nexo launched Nexo Pro — a crypto platform featuring spot, margin, and futures trading. The platform provides all traders with professional tools, such as liquidity aggregation and smart order routing. 

There are no minimum funding requirements, and the 50% discount on standard fees applies to everyone trading on the platform until the end of November. With Nexo Pro live, clients can now switch between earning interest, borrowing against their crypto, and trading, in just a few clicks. 

What are the benefits of trading by using aggregated liquidity? 

Trading platforms fall into two categories — those that settle exclusively within their own order books and those that aggregate buy and sell orders from multiple venues. The purpose of aggregation is to provide traders with the best price from all the available sources. That’s why the deeper the liquidity, the better cost efficiency with lower slippage. 

Nexo Pro’s liquidity pool is made up of 3,000+ order books from their own exchange, as well as other leading providers, and selected market makers. Combined, Nexo uses 10+ liquidity providers, and traders on the platform connect automatically with them each time they make a trade, guaranteeing them the best possible price.  

What else is available on Nexo Pro? 

Apart from having one of the deepest liquidity pools in crypto, Nexo Pro comes with all the features you’d expect from such a platform, plus a few special ones.  

  • 400+ Crypto Pairs- Clients can trade the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Cardano, rising DeFi tokens like LDO and ENS, and many more.  
  • Advanced Orders and Strategies- Nexo Pro features market, limit, stop loss, and take profit orders. Automated strategies like TWAP (time-weighted average price) are also available, and by having access to spot and futures markets from the same platform, advanced users can enter a basis trade easily 
  • Margin Trading 

Traders on Nexo Pro can apply up to 5x leverage on spot trading with just a single button. The borrowed funds can be repaid whenever and automated reminders are sent upon margin calls. 

  • Perpetual Futures - Nexo Pro’s Futures offers an easy way to speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies. All futures contracts are settled in USDT, and 2x leverage is available. With futures, users can open perpetual contracts on assets that can’t be found on Nexo’s spot trading, such as GMT, ALGO, WAVES, XTZ, and more.  
  • Low Fees- Until the end of November, fee rates on Nexo Pro are 50% lower. All new Nexo clients are eligible for the promotion, and the preferential rates are applied automatically upon trade execution. 

Users within the Nexo ecosystem can move their funds in and out of Nexo Pro as many times as they want and free of charge. The account you create on Nexo works on Nexo Pro, and to create one, it takes seconds. You can top up your account via bank transfer or direct crypto purchase with credit or debit card.  


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