The provably secure cross-chain choice in this Omnichain Era - MAP Protocol

The existing multi-billion dollar web3 cross-chain industry is heavily dependant upon centralized security mechanism such as Multi-Party Computation and Oracles which has contributed to many hacks. The solution for web3 to realize its true multichain potential, connecting all liquidities, assets and users of the many chains, seems to be through a uniquely designed “self verifying” cross-chain infrastructure that has been gaining a lot of traction lately among the layer-1s – MAP Protocol.   

What is MAP Protocol

Built on Light Client and Zero-Knowledge (“zk”) technologies and fully open source, MAP Protocol spent 4 years in engineering the unique “provably secure” cross-chain infrastructure with a “self verification” mechanism, supporting both EVM and non-EVM chains, with instant confirmation time, which they called the “Omnichain Network”. This Omnichain Network allows Dapps (such as Decentralized Exchanges, Web3 Messengers and NFT Marketplaces) to become multichain Dapps in an efficient manner. MAP aims to redefine the future of interoperability, creating a new “Omnichain Era”.


MAP Protocol - the Omnichain Era

MAP Protocol’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mainnet, a relay chain processing cross-chain transactions, went live on 31 August. The first cross-chain pairs NEAR and BNB Chain will be live in November. Ethereum2.0, Polygon and Klaytn pairs will also be live in December, with Flow, Solana, Aptos, SUI, Iotex, Harmony, OKC, KCC and Arbitrum following. 

“Different from most of the cross-chain solutions available in the market today, MAP Protocol’s cross-chain capability is not limited to asset bridging. The industry leading ability to bridge NFT and data give rise to endless possibilities for developers wishing to build new omnichain Dapps on Flow.” - Bohao Tang, Developer Advocate of Flow.

“Map Protocol enables secure and seamless cross-chain communication and asset transfer between both EVM and non-EVM chains with its mature, novel and stable cross-chain design. The relay chain architecture allows for multi-chain scaling, and avoids the risk of insecure cross-chain messages. Further, the unique zero-knowledge-proof-based light client design reduces the difficulty of heterogeneous chain development, and ensures the security of cross-chain message transmission. Given Map Protocol's compatibility with almost all blockchains and its support for native deployment of DApps on relay chains, it will become an essential component of cross-chain applications and can very well become instrumental for cross-chain technologies’ future.” - Yang Liu, professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.

“Security is MAP Protocol’s first priority which is why they chose Certik as their long term auditing partner.” - Jason Jian, CBO of Certik.


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“If layer-2s gave birth to a new era of scalability, MAP Protocol’s Omnichain Network is here to give birth to a new era of interoperability - the Omnichain Era. MAP is an omnichain movement to horizontally scale the blockchain industry to enable web3 mass adoption. MAP aims to support most layer-1s and layer-2s by the end of 2023 providing full suite SDKs, smart contract templates and integration support for any developers wishing to join the omnichain movement.” - James Cheng, Co-Founder of MAP Protocol.

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