NFT.London's inaugural event attracts 2,500 with BAYC food truck, free NFTs and puppies

Quick Take

  • NFT.London’s two-day inaugural stint saw over 2,500 registered attendees and 800 speakers.
  • The event featured an NFT vending machine, puppies and a “zen den.”
  • Independent fashionistas took aim at the web3 efforts of the big fashion houses.

From a distance, the only thing you could see of NFT.London was a yellow and orange fast food truck parked outside in the rain.

It was a collaboration between frozen potato product corporation McCain’s — which recently launched a Roblox game where children can farm metaverse potatoes — and Bored and Hungry, a Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed restaurant in California. Perhaps one of the stranger web3 collaborations, it wasn’t the only gimmick that drew attention. Nearby sat an NFT vending machine through which one could purchase NFTs u