How SX Network Continues to Win in a Bear Market

We are only a month into Fall, but the “Crypto Winter” has been raging on for almost a year. While many projects have succumbed to the bear market, a handful of resilient protocols in Web3 have taken this time to build, develop, and strategize; positioning themselves for growth despite the current market conditions.  

SX Network has proven to be one of those projects. SX Network combines smart contracts with an on-chain treasury and prediction market protocol. SX Network Blockchain is ideal for developers because of its low-cost transactions, EMV-compatibility, and native prediction market.  

SX Network Blockchain has proven to be a viable and attractive ground to build upon with projects like AthleteX and Sharkswap building on SX Network. Marketing project Sparkwave and institutional wallet provider Fireblocks have integrated SX Network, illustrating the value partners are seeing in the young blockchain.  

Strategic partnerships have been paramount to growth in this bear market. SX Network’s flagship platform SX Bet has seen a staggering growth of 240% year over year, surpassing 250 million in betting volume since its inception. This would not have been possible without key partnerships that have been able to connect and leverage communities within the space. These partnerships have included bet drops and wearables with Decentral Games, wearable drops with NFTeams, co-marketing, tournaments, and the creation of prediction markets for major upcoming events like Crypto Fight night. The recipe for growth has been a simple one for SX Network, connect communities through providing value to projects and users alike.  

SX Bet has become a leading prediction market dapp by betting volume across all chains. Unlike traditional centralized betting platforms, SX Bet is non-custodial, community-owned, and governed through the SX token. 

SX Network will continue rapidly building in this bear market. Crypto winter still may be here, but a rising tide lifts all boats. Development, partnerships, providing value to users, projects and developers are at the forefront of SX Network’s expansion strategy. The SX token has performed well against ETH and BTC during this drawdown and should be fit to return to pre-crypto-winter levels when the opportunity arises. 


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Expect to see more projects building and launching SX Network; with the low gas fees and support, projects will continue to be able to scale and thrive on SX Network.  

SX Bet will continue to double down on marketing efforts, focusing on strategic partnerships that accelerate growth and connect communities. Expect to see more tournaments, new markets, partnerships, co-sponsored events, and collaborations with projects within the Web3 space.  

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