Babylons NFT Platform Bridges Millions of Web2 Users to Web3

To a user approaching Web3 for the first time, the onboarding experience can be a bit unappealing. With wallets, the process takes an exotic form of explicitly creating a wallet and storing the seed phrases and private keys for account recovery. The complicated user journey and more constitute significant challenges facing today's crypto and Web3 space regarding mainstream adoption - barriers many innovative Web3 projects like Babylons are looking to solve. 

To make the transition from Web2 to Web3 hassle-free for brands and businesses, Babylons launched Anjea, its Blockchain-as-a-service solution. Just four months since its debut, several businesses are already using their solution to transition their products onto all EVM chains currently available.  

Today, Babylons is announcing its partnership with PASSO and Bitexen Club, two major contributors to Turkey's sports and FinTech ecosystem.  

Fast Facts 

  • PASSO has been selling match and season tickets for 36 teams of TFF’s Super League and First League since 2014 and entered the events & entertainment sector in 2019, selling tickets for shows, concerts, theater, basketball, workshop, etc. 
  • PASSO ticketing platform creates the highest ticket sales revenue in Turkey. 
  • PASSO has 7 million KYC’ed users and Bitexen Club has 100K KYC’ed active monthly users. 

Babylons X PASSO & Bitexen Club 

With this partnership, Babylons, PASSO, and Bitexen Club will look to further boost Web2 to Web3 adoption and make it more accessible to millions of users.   


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Babylons provides a range of enterprise blockchain solutions as part of its service, including centralized-to-decentralized developments, token distribution services, customized smart contract developments, and more. 

As part of today’s announced partnership, Babylons will advise both PASSO and Bitexen Club, and transition their product offerings to the blockchain by exploring the following initiatives: 

  • Provide centralized-to-decentralized NFT bridge service to them by creating a wallet management application for their web2 users to seamlessly deploy smart contracts in different standards (ERC721, ER1155, etc.), mint, and transfer NFTs. 
  • Enable immediate operatability across all EVM-compatible chains for their users. 
  • Enable the integration of the Metamask wallet and the ability of their Web2 users to buy NFTs on their native PASSO & Bitexen Club apps and easily transfer to Metamask to see and trade their NFTs on the Babylons marketplace. 
  • The development and integration of other blockchain-based products for both businesses in the future. 

“This partnership is a great example of how blockchain and Web3 enhance existing business across sectors and bring new opportunities to global users. As a company dedicated to developing and integrating blockchain solutions, we are excited to explore more ways for our new and future partners to access the benefits of blockchain,” says Furkan Özalp, Co-founder and CEO of Babylons.   

Babylons will be revamping UI/UX across all of the products available in their ecosystem. That and even more heavyweight partnerships planned make it hard not to get excited about projects like Babylons building even through the crypto winter. 

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